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Specialized software for freight audit and payment

SSI provides customizable software and service solutions to our growing base of valued customers. We transform the complexity of freight audit and freight payment into cash savings and business intelligence, providing actionable insights to maximize your profit potential.

  • Customizable solution scales with your growing business
  • Automated freight audit drives savings to the bottom line
  • Modern data visualization facilitates analysis
  • Relevant business intelligence supports decisive action

Get the SSI advantage.

C-level finance and operations leaders are increasingly turning to SSI for software solutions, expert support, and consulting services to identify and realize valuable savings from their complex, global supply chains.

SSI is different by design because we customize the freight audit process for your operation. Individually tailored solutions dovetail with your specified needs, which maximizes the immediate and long-term cash savings your business will achieve.

Also, SSI handles freight payments on your behalf – on-time – with a fast, secure and transparent process, allowing you to track every dollar spent.

This uncommon approach to complete, customized freight audit solutions, and secure, transparent freight payment services is what sets SSI apart from the pack.

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Custom freight audit solutions

Leaders across all industries are recognizing that manually performing freight-bill audits is a tedious, time-consuming drain of internal resources. A growing number of these leaders are turning to SSI, a time-proven provider of specialized freight audit and freight payment software solutions.

SSI customers receive an exacting, customized and automated audit process, supported by human intelligence. SSI audits 100% of your global freight carrier bills. Others spot-check invoices or use an imprecise one-size-fits-all audit process.

Our software verifies and authenticates accurate data and red flags duplicate charges and exceptions which deviate from client-carrier contracts and agreed-upon parameters. The process improves your profitability day-after-day, as SSI identifies substantial savings on your behalf.

Transparent freight payment solutions

SSI also unshackles your team from the tedious work of coordinating global carrier payments. Our fast, secure process only pays for the actual allowable carrier charges and enables you to track every dollar spent.

Few providers match SSI’s level of transparency, which ensures your funds are never co-mingled or used for any purpose other than paying freight invoices. By intelligently outsourcing freight-audit and freight-payment processes to SSI, our customers enhance their productivity and maximize their profitability as they focus on what they do best.

Because we individually tailor our software and service solutions to dovetail with your specified business needs, the SSI approach truly is different by design. While results vary, some customers realize up to a 20-to-1 return on investment.

Gain a competitive edge

SSI recently upgraded the performance and user interface of our SSI connect 2.0 proprietary software platform. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

  • Save time and money fast – Delivering value and identifying measurable cash savings for you.
  • Thorough, customized freight auditing services – Modern, automated process dovetails with your needs for a one-of-a- kind solution supported by our in-house team of Audit Support Specialists.
  • Fast, transparent processing – We audit invoices within 3 business days and pay bills promptly. Custodial funds are never co-mingled, so you can track every dollar from the bank to the carrier.
  • Cutting-edge business intelligence – Delivering powerhouse analytics and modern data visualization tools that provide you customizable dashboards relevant to your business.
  • Professional services – Needing customized programming? Our in-house team of Custom Solutions Analysts are here to help.
  • Customer-centered service – Ensuring customer needs are addressed is the top priority of your SSI Account Manager. You can also expect prompt attention from our Audit Support Specialists.
  • Consulting services— Sharing expertise and providing a range of money-saving solutions for your modern-day shipping, supply-chain and logistics challenges.
  • Strategic investments in innovation, leadership – Enhancing the customer experience with recent forward-thinking improvements is at the heart of our vision to serve your needs with excellence.

SSI audits complex freight billing from carriers around the world and provides meaningful business intelligence to our logistics team, which improves our productivity as we focus on what we do best.

Senior Logistics Manager, Telecom Industry

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