Freight Payment

Feel Good About Your Money

Learn how SSI will earn your trust through complete transparency, simplicity, and service beyond what you’ve grown to expect.

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Carrier Funding

Total Transparency

At SSI, our number one goal is your trust. We take great pride in delivering full-visibility to the carrier payment process. We work directly with our bank to give you transparent and nearly instant updates to funds in the payment-cycle. Our solution helps you know exactly when, where and how much was paid. SSI never forgets whose money we’re responsible for and guarantee we’ll be the most transparent partner you’ve ever had.

Freight Payment Can Be This Comfortable

The most seasoned shippers will readily concede that managing freight payment can be a headache. We simplify the process, offering consolidated, timely and accurate funding to carriers. So what’s the bottom line? Peace-of-mind that allows you to spend more time doing what you do best—shipping packages to clients.

Thinking Outside Traditional Freight Payment

We don’t think industry standards like watermark checks, positive pay controls, fidelity bonds, or even SOC reports are enough. Sure, SSI provides all these securities. However, we believe this is just the foundation for trust. We believe confidence and peace of mind is built on independent verification and full-visibility to the process. As a standard, SSI pays carriers within 24 hours of confirmed receipt of funds. We challenge you to find any other provider willing to do that.

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