Logistics White Papers & Supply Chain Articles

Experience Drives the Think-Tank (and Freight Best Practices)

Our logistics white papers are based on transportation best practices in freight payment and audit. We don’t shoot from the hip. Over 20 years in business, industry leadership, and an every-growing clientele helps us shed light on some the most influential topics affecting today’s transportation professional.

Our supply chain articles outline current strategies and logistics best practices that any professional should consider when pursuing initiatives to increase efficiencies and save money.

Download one today and discover how the right tools and techniques can benefit you and your company.

A Different Approach to Better Business Intelligence

This article will give the logistics professional insight into key technology and best practices in business intelligence reporting. This white paper is essential reading to help the transportation group reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and target initiatives that optimize carrier activity and expense.

The 3 Critical Features of Customer Support in Freight Payment

This white paper sets precedence for the type of customer service all clients should receive from their freight payment partner. This report uncovers the best practices that result in long-term client satisfaction and retention.

A Closer Look at Transparent Carrier Funding

This brief article outlines why carrier funding can and should be transparent. If you outsource freight payment, this article will shed additional light on a process that is often times opaque, murky, and decidedly unclear. Read this report and ask your partner to demonstrate, illustrate, and confirm how carriers get paid.

Balancing Objectives with Best Practices in Freight Bill Processing

This white paper highlights the unique objectives all shipper’s share when outsourcing freight bill auditing and payment. Emphasis is placed on finding a partner that integrates industry best practices while balancing all of your key objectives and goals.

Critical Insight for Your Freight Payment and Audit RFP

This comprehensive article provides recommendations and insight to help aid in preparing your next RFP (request for proposal) for freight payment and auditing services. This white paper outlines tips and strategies to evaluate prospective partners while minimizing price as the primary decision-making factor.

Keeping International Freight Payment Simple, Familiar, and Cost Effective

This report outlines the benefits and challenges tied to a global freight payment initiative. This article will help a shipper identify the pitfalls and solutions available in the marketplace.

Bank Electronic Settlement versus Traditional Freight Payment

This article outlines the practices and fundamentals most banks don’t want you to know when outsourcing freight payment to them. This white paper will help you formulate the true cost of funding carriers through a credit card electronic settlement solution hosted by a bank.

A Special Report on Custom Freight Bill Auditing

This report provides a better understanding of custom freight bill auditing practices and why they’re important to today’s shipper. This article establishes a baseline for comparing one audit firm’s practices against another’s.

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