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Custom Freight and Parcel Audits Deliver Better Results

If you’re like most companies, you work hard negotiating freight contracts.  Transportation and supply chain specialists can spend hours analyzing spend, reviewing proposals, and assessing the shipping model.  But once an agreement is in-play between shipper and carrier, who checks… Read More


Transparent Freight Payment: The Top 4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs It

Freight payment can and should be transparent, but often it’s decidedly unclear for the shipper.  Regardless, outsourcing carrier payment remains one of the most effective ways to positively impact the transportation department’s bottom line. However, as with every outsourced service,… Read More


Freight Payment Education is Highest Priority

In an increasingly competitive global economy, the only way shippers can increase efficiency and drive down cost is to acquire education that is focused on improving performance, accountability, and transparency to all components of the supply chain. To assist shippers… Read More


The Making of an Industry Leading Freight Payment Website

Our new website has arrived and with that arrival our first blog post.  We felt there would be no more appropriate post then to elaborate on the effort to build the industry’s most user friendly, educational, and informative source for… Read More

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