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New, improved business intelligence reporting and dashboards


SSI is pleased to introduce to our customers new SSI Connect 2.0 data visualization tools and resources.

A business intelligence powerhouse for transportation, logistics and finance professionals, SSI Connect 2.0 will identify freight-saving opportunities and provide transportation-efficiency insights.

These business intelligence dashboards are powered by Domo, a recognized leader in providing agile, meaningful BI visuals.

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Connecting Logistics
with Opportunity

Learn how SSI’s business
intelligence tools are designed
to put smarter shipping
as the #1 priority.

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Business Intelligence

Different by Design

SSI creates a data warehouse that feeds a comprehensive suite of preformatted reports. However, SSI supports transportation best practices to ‘reduce costs and ship smarter’ by providing tools that are far beyond the typical offering. We take raw freight data, define and refine it, resulting in meaningful metrics and freight benchmarking. Our business intelligence reports will deliver graphs and charts that help illustrate carrier activity month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, and year-to-year.

Dig Deeper, Ship Smarter

SSI’s business intelligence tool takes analysis to the next level by uncovering and pinpointing the shipments and carriers that adversely affect cost. Our freight benchmarking dashboards illustrate high-level trends but also allow analysts to drill deep into shipping metrics. Empowered with this information, our clients address issues at the root cause resulting in real change and lower shipping costs.

Helping You Look Good

Having been in the industry for decades, we know how to support transportation best practices and logistics initiatives. We understand the downward pressure applied on managers and analysts. With that in mind, our focus is to provide accurate business intelligence reports that support analysis, help you negotiate effectively, and manage supply chain operations. Simply, we help you perform optimally in your assigned area of expertise.

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