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New Consulting Services to Maximize Freight Savings

Get expert, actionable insights on transportation spend management from SSI

SSI offers an array of professional consulting services to manage transportation shipping costs, reduce freight expenses, achieve supply chain savings, accelerate logistics efficiencies and improve distribution network design.

In addition, SSI now offers ongoing transportation consulting services for select clients who wish to achieve long-lasting freight cost savings while improving forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning initiatives.

Start saving now! Fill out the form below to download the SSI consulting services brochure. Also, send a message if you have a question regarding how our consultants can help you reduce your transportation spend.

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Shipping Cost Management

To help your logistics team realize transportation savings, SSI subject-matter experts can study your current-state shipping profile. This process provides a situation analysis to pinpoint how your current freight carrier mix, transportation spend, and shipping service norms compare with industry benchmarks and trending transportation market conditions.

SSI has deep, time-proven experience in freight contract analysis. Through the use of transportation-spend key performance indicators, our proprietary data analysis process yields actionable insights and recommendations for optimizing carrier selection at highly competitive shipping rates. This cost management service enables SSI customers to realize freight cost savings from 5-20% or more depending on your shipping profile. To learn more about how SSI consultants can help you reduce shipping expenses, send us a message using the form on this page.

Further, with SSI FastTrack transportation consulting services, you can routinely track and analyze your transportation spend as compared to current industry norms. These regular check-ups will keep your shipping cost structure lean while facilitating accurate budgeting and strategic planning initiatives for the logistics and finance leadership in your organization.

Freight Contract Negotiation

Smart freight contract negotiation strategies ensure you receive the freight carrier incentives for which you are entitled while minimizing wasteful surcharges you should not pay. The SSI freight-cost-savings services team will help you optimize shipping terms and conditions and shipper agreement documentation so your freight contracts maximize transportation savings opportunities for your operation.

SSI consulting services can also provide insights regarding advantageous freight payment terms, freight contract durations, base freight rate structures and accessorial structures. Upon gathering service requirements, our team can develop RFP packages that suit customer requirements while leveling the freight carrier pricing playing field.

Further, SSI can help you execute a reverse auction to lock-in service commitments and freight pricing during the contract period. Moreover, with SSI’s freight negotiation support, you’ll learn what freight service reports and freight key performance indicators you should expect from your carriers. Fill out the SSI consulting services form on this page to learn more.

Transportation Mode Optimization

Optimizing shipping modes based on the total landed cost is a smart step towards freight savings. All too often, customers make parcel versus less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping decisions based solely on shipment weight and standard carrier charges.

However, multiple factors, including freight minimum charges, accessorial charges and shipment dimensions will influence the total landed cost. SSI can analyze what you ship, and how you ship it, to determine the most appropriate transportation modes for your customers to receive their products when they need it. Best of all, you can leverage our best-practice knowledge and recommendations to implement a solution which optimizes shipping mode selection. Our consultants can even help you set up a tracking program to monitor your transportation cost savings.

GRI Impact Analysis

SSI can assist with your understanding of your rate increase and how it impacts your shipping cost. We’ll work with you to
provide the necessary metrics to understand your GRI impact on your shipping cost and bottom line. Simply send us a message using the form on this page to request more information regarding our GRI impact analysis services.


Vendor Management

SSI consultants can help shippers design and implement routing guides to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance trade-partner relationships.

Managing outbound freight expense is often a focus of logistics pros. SSI complements this in-house expertise by providing meaningful insights and strategies to reduce inbound freight costs. Our consulting team will uncover opportunities to increase efficiencies, which not only decrease inbound shipping expenses but also reduce out-of-stock issues. As such, inbound process improvements create synergies which enhance outbound efficiencies, resulting in a notable cumulative decrease in operating expenses.

Typically, this process begins by specifying a service-level expectation with simplified pricing, and then conducting a Request for Proposal (RFP). After carrier finalists are selected, a reverse auction may be conducted to secure lowest available transport pricing and service commitments.

Once new vendor policies and practices are enacted, and new carrier agreements are finalized, SSI can help shippers manage vendor compliance through reporting tools and methods that provide visibility and metrics to reduce lead-time variability in the supply chain. Fill out the SSI consultation contact form on this page to learn more about our Vendor Management services.

Logistics Project Tracking

Logistics and transportation teams are often tasked with implementing projects to increase supply-chain efficiencies while reducing transportation costs to save money. Unfortunately, oversight and tracking the logistics initiatives can be a challenge for under-resourced, in-house teams. SSI consultants can help. Our pros can support specific lean project initiatives as well as analyze transportation spend patterns by location, shipping mode and product category.

Further, in collaboration with your logistics team, we help identify relevant trends, patterns and inefficiencies and subsequently provide reports with actionable insights. In turn, your logistics team can implement recommended best practices to improve lean performance and achieve supply-chain savings. Fill out the SSI consultation contact form on this page to learn more about our Logistics Project Tracking services.

DIM Factor Mitigation

The impact of dimensional weight (DIM) pricing can dramatically affect your inbound and outbound shipping expenses. Dimensional weight is calculated when the size, or volume, of a package is used to determine the weight at which it is priced. The length, width and height of the box are multiplied together and divided by a dimensional factor. The calculated dimensional weight is then compared to the actual weight of the package, and the higher of the two is used to determine the shipment’s base rate.

Since fuel surcharges are calculated as a percentage of the base rate, your charges and fees may be further inflated by this common DIM factor pricing practice. Shippers who successfully optimize packaging can expect to pay significantly less than those who do not do so. SSI can help you review and update best-practice packaging processes – simply fill out the contact form to get the process started.


Distribution Network Design

Are ten distribution centers too much or could you service your customers with three? Where is the best location for your next distribution center? SSI consultants can help clients answer product distribution questions such as these. In addition, we find many well-intentioned distribution networks become fragmented as businesses grow and needs change over time.

Our expert team can perform a situation analysis with proprietary tools and then analyze alternative scenarios to identify opportunities for distribution network cost efficiencies and savings. Further we can recommend carrier service improvements, simple routing guides and freight consolidation opportunities to help you optimize regional, national or global distribution network performance. Fill out the consultation contact form on this page to learn more about our Distribution Network Design services.

FastTrack Transportation Consulting

Put our transportation experts on speed-dial. SSI can help you establish an ongoing agreement so you may receive quick consultation, without having to process a new purchase order for each consultation request.

By receiving ongoing transportation consulting services from our industry experts, you can save thousands of dollars year after year by readily fine-tuning and implementing freight optimization initiatives. Further, your freight and supply-chain logistics teams and finance leadership can more accurately budget, forecast and plan based upon your data as well as industry benchmarks.

Best of all, SSI will only bill you for the work completed. To learn more about establishing a long-term transportation consulting agreement, simply send us a message using the form on this page.


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