Cost Accounting

Systematic Cost
Increases Certainty

Strategic planning and budgeting
are best accomplished when the
real cost of businessis known.
SSI helps your finance team operate
efficiently and apply costs accurately.

You can benefit from SSI’s 20+ years
of business and leadership experience.
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Experience the
Power of Accuracy

Cost visibility and accurate allocation is critical to tracking the impact shipping has within a company. SSI employs and develops customized cost accounting logic to support any GL assignment scenario. SSI can apply charges by any data element or charge including (but not limited to): Direction (inbound/outbound), Charge type, Reference Field Notations, P.O., Project, Shipper Account Number, and Consignee/Consignor.

We Make Data
Exchange Easy

SSI can interface with all types of primary business and shipping systems. A custom solution is designed for each client. SSI’s experience includes both inbound and outbound data sharing. No additional IT resources are required to support SSI’s solution. The customer’s IT department merely has to specify the format and method of delivery. SSI’s programmers do all the work.

Exception Management

Nearly all firms offer online, exception processing. However, SSI’s solution takes online coding, approval and rejection to the next level. Bills that fail to automatically code are accessed and organized at the discretion of the client. This gives the client an opportunity to examine and remedy the root-cause of the GL-exception. This approach dramatically reduces the amount of time exhausted in applying an accurate cost center one-by-one.

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