Global Freight and Parcel Bill Auditing

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Learn how SSI’s custom freight bill auditing can positively impact your bottom-line.

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Custom Global Freight and Parcel Audits Deliver Results

We understand that no single-contract is the same. Leveraging that approach, we’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Why? Because we develop unique pre-audit policies and rules for each client to ensure contract accuracy. Not only do we check for duplicate bills, rate errors, billing discrepancies, and, of course, service failures, but we work with our clients to review the addendums, small-print references, and custom services negotiated with the carrier. The result is a more comprehensive audit and greater savings.

Choosing the Right Partner

Freight and parcel auditing is nothing new and a common practice in the industry. However, identifying the right freight bill auditor to partner with can be a frustrating endeavor. Some offer contingency audits that share in savings but lack incentive to pinpoint and remedy ongoing billing issues. Still other transportation auditors emphasize the number of audit-points they check, which suggests an inflexible approach. SSI engages each partnership differently, delivering custom freight bill audits that are driven by unique carrier contracts and client policy. When discrepancies and errors are identified, we work directly with you to apply pressure on carriers to bill accurately, attacking the issues at their root.

The Power of YES

SSI performs a comprehensive transportation audit of all charges and guaranteed services for any mode of transportation. But we don’t stop there. When a client delivers a contract and outlines its unique characteristics, we go to work to implement the custom solution. Automated freight and parcel audit-engines are overseen by a dedicated and senior auditor that constantly monitors your account to ensure you get every dime owed to you. Regardless of the complexity of your contracts, working with SSI means, “yes, we can do that”.

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