30 Years Proven Experience

A strong heritage of delivering results

Time Proven Freight Audit Solutions

When you choose SSI, you’re selecting a freight audit solutions company with uncommon know-how. Our experience is virtually incomparable, as we have audited hundreds of millions of freight and parcel invoices since our inception.

Founded in 1989

SSI, a trailblazer in the freight audit marketplace, was founded in 1989 as Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc. Our founders remain active on the SSI Board of Directors, recommending and approving strategies that have brought the company’s service offerings to a wide range of industry leaders on a global scale.

Cutting Edge Technologies for Today’s Global Supply Chains

Today, SSI’s comprehensive freight audit solutions, freight payment services, actionable supply chain intelligence and modern data-visualization tools set the company apart from other industry providers.

Uniquely Positioned to Serve your Needs

Our Portland-area headquarters provides SSI with a powerhouse of high-tech talent and is a competitive advantage that enables SSI to provide modern, customized, supply chain technology and software solutions to our clients.

With our proximity to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle, and many other fast-growth technology centers, SSI is especially well situated to meet the needs of leading technology, eCommerce, automotive, and software businesses. SSI also serves a diverse client base across a range of industries. Our supply chain solutions can be applied to most any business operation.

Join the Celebration and Start Saving Now

A short, 30-minute online demo of our SSIconnect platform will show you how SSI delivers actionable data insights and measurable hard-dollar savings.


When you choose SSI freight audit solutions, you receive a comprehensive audit of all freight charges and contractually guaranteed services for every mode of transportation used in your global supply chain. Validating the rate charged is essential and so is verifying whether the charge itself should have been assessed in the first place.


For speed and accuracy, our systems are optimized to receive carrier freight bills and parcel invoices via Electronic Data Integration (EDI). However, we also accept electronic flat files or documentation from your carriers and 3PLs, when necessary. Whether electronic or paper, your documents are readily available and retrievable so that you may view, share, and retain important invoice information instantaneously.