Personalized Care

Exceptional service from people you know

At SSI, you and your team matter most! Our personalized customer care and top-notch service sets SSI apart from other parcel-invoice and freight-bill audit suppliers.

You deserve to receive helpful, responsive attention from smart, caring professionals and we deliver.

Your dedicated support team consists of expert pros who are knowledgeable about your unique needs.

  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Professional Programmer
  • Senior Auditor

When customers connect with SSI, they engage with someone they know by name. Unlike other supply-chain providers, your calls are never routed to an unfamiliar, 3rd-party call center.

Let’s talk!

Call us today. A short introductory conversation gives you an opportunity to share your most-pressing needs and allows us to explain in more detail what sets SSI apart from others.

The process of evaluating freight-audit providers can be tedious and frustrating. By starting the conversation now, we can offer you guidance that quickly brings clarity to the process.

Our promise to you is we will be honest and up-front in our dialogue as you and your team evaluate how SSI solutions meet your current and future needs.

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will call you to get the conversation started.

Climb Higher with Personalized Care from SSI

View and download this helpful customer-care resource covering these topics:


  • Why understanding and executing client requests is critical to building and maintaining a positive relationship


  • The definition of outstanding customer service in freight payment and audit


  • The three critical customer support features that create long-term client satisfaction