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  • Reduce transportation shipping costs
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  • Realize supply chain savings
  • Accelerate logistics efficiencies
  • Improve distribution network design

Carrier Pricing Analysis

SSI has deep, time-proven experience in freight contract analysis. With accurate benchmarking insights, our analysis ensures your company’s carrier discounts are market competitive and in-line with other companies that have similar freight characteristics and volume. Through the use of transportation-spend key performance indicators, our proprietary data analysis process yields actionable insights and recommendations for optimizing carrier selection at highly competitive shipping rates. This consulting service enables SSI customers to realize savings ranging from 5 to 20%.

Vendor Management

SSI consultants can help shippers design and implement routing guides to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance trade-partner relationships. Managing outbound freight expense is often a focus of logistics pros. SSI complements your in-house expertise by providing meaningful insights and strategies to reduce inbound freight costs.

DIM Factor Mitigation

The impact of dimensional weight (DIM) pricing can dramatically affect your inbound and outbound shipping expenses. Dimensional weight is calculated when the size, or volume, of a package is used to determine the weight at which it is priced. SSI can help you review and update best-practice packaging processes.

SSI freight and supply chain consulting services accelerate positive change and elevate your team’s performance as they receive expert consultation and actionable insights.

Transportation Mode Optimization

SSI can analyze what you ship, and how you ship it, to determine the most appropriate transportation modes so products arrive at their destination when needed. Best of all, our consultants can set up a tracking program to monitor transportation cost savings.

GRI Analysis

SSI can assist with your understanding of your carrier’s general rate increase and how it impacts your shipping costs. As part of this analysis, SSI can re-rate your previous invoices to provide the necessary metrics to understand the GRI impact on your shipping cost and bottom line.

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Logistics Project Tracking

Oversight and tracking of logistical improvement initiatives can be a challenge for under-resourced, in-house teams. SSI consultants can support lean project initiatives as well as analyze transportation spend patterns by location, shipping mode and product category. Our experts identify relevant trends, patterns, and inefficiencies and subsequently provide reports with actionable insights. In turn, your logistics team can implement recommended best practices to improve lean performance and achieve supply-chain savings.

Distribution Network Design

Many well-intentioned distribution networks become fragmented as businesses grow and needs change over time. Our expert team can perform a situation analysis with proprietary tools and then analyze alternative scenarios to identify opportunities for network efficiencies and cost savings. Further, we can recommend carrier service improvements, simple routing guides, and freight consolidation opportunities to help you optimize regional, national or global distribution network performance.