Cost Allocation

Gain visibility into your logistics and transportation spend

Supply Chain Optimization

In today’s high-velocity pace of transportation and logistics coordination, optimizing your supply chain is challenging, yet essential. Internal business requirements and priorities evolve and change, as do a host of external trade, transportation, and vendor variables. Fortunately, SSI solutions flex and scale to meet your dynamic needs.

With extraordinary visibility into your logistics and transportation spend you can realize measurable cost savings, increase customer satisfaction, and track performance against your business key performance indicators (KPIs).

Transportation Cost Allocations

SSI provides accurate cost-center allocation and reporting. Our customized and automated general ledger (GL) entry technology empowers you and your global team to implement data-informed transportation and supply chain improvements that create efficiencies and maximize savings.

Inbound and Outbound Spend Management

SSI customized cost-accounting logic supports any GL assignment scenario, providing the ability to create and run standard or custom reports with clear visibility of your expenses by business unit, region, mode of transportation, carrier, and product line.

SSIconnect for Quick Data Accessibility

Your transportation data analytics are accessible via our user-friendly, online customer platform, SSIconnect™.

SSIconnect provides your entire team with a single repository that brings your global supply chain into focus. By gaining visibility to both the big picture and the most minute shipment level details, you and your team can implement meaningful supply-chain improvements for beneficial results locally and worldwide.

Cutting-Edge Data Visualization

SSI dashboards are powered by Domo®, a leader in transforming complex business data into useful graphics. You can now maximize these dynamic data visualization tools with easy-to-digest custom dashboards and reports by leveraging Managed Analytics services from SSI.

Note: Domo is a registered trademark of Domo, Inc. SSIconnect is a trademark of Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc.