freight audit fuels refunds

Freight Audit Fuels Carrier Refunds, Delivers Big Savings

Freight audit fuels refunds for shippers – and on the topic of fuel, this may be the best news you hear all year.

Your business may save tens-of-thousands of dollars a month. Contact SSI to learn more.

At SSI, we encourage you to embrace the sizable savings that freight audits provide. Because, as carrier fuel surcharges and other freight transportation costs continue to rise, most every company’s bottom line needs help.


High fuel prices are here to stay, according to CNN Business.1 Global demand for oil, diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel are expected to remain high this year. Plus, the escalating EU embargoes on Russian oil imports will create even more supply and affordability challenges – possibly for years to come.

The trucking industry mostly runs on diesel and prices are surging higher. Because of this, truck drivers are feeling the pain at the pump, as many now pay more than a $1,000 each time they re-fill their tanks. A reduction in diesel refining capacity suggests that inventories will remain tight, per a recent FreightWaves article.2 Further, the insufficient supply of diesel means inflation will get worse for all of us, according to a recent news piece published by Time.3

On top of it all, marine fuel costs are now breaking records. As reported by American Shipper, the average price of very low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO) at the world’s top ports was recently $1,042 per ton, double its price a year ago.4

So, taken together, exorbitant fuel costs are creating strong headwinds for high-volume shippers. C-Level executives and professionals in supply chain, operations, logistics and finance roles are left wondering, “How can we improve our bottom line amid these awful conditions?”. SSI offers a clear solution: freight audits.


For global shippers, across all modes of transportation, SSI applies an automated, customized freight audit process. Our technology scrutinizes invoices to identify errors that add up to impressive refunds.

Our comprehensive freight audits check bills from thousands of carriers worldwide. Because our freight-audit expertise is broad and deep, SSI discovers numerous erroneous charges week after week for our customers.

Plus, in this time when supply chain resilience is imperative, our automated process scales and flexes to adapt to new supplier and carrier realignments.


A global freight audit leader, SSI is consistently recognized as a best-in-class, multimodal freight audit services company. Freight audits have been a core competency of SSI for more than 30 years. Our experience is virtually incomparable, as we have audited hundreds of millions of freight and parcel invoices since our inception.

What sets SSI apart from other freight audit companies is that we ensure you recover all the refunds due to you on every freight invoice you receive worldwide. In short, our freight audits provide a constant flow of carrier refunds. The savings add up fast as we perform a comprehensive service audit of invoices from global, regional and local carriers.

We audit these freight bill line items and much more.

  • Freight charges
  • Duplicate billings
  • Incorrect DIM billing
  • Lift gate charges
  • Late deliveries
  • Residential surcharges
  • Other accessorial charges
  • Invalid/Fraudulent invoices
  • Service failures
  • Base rate errors
  • Billing discrepancies
  • Manifested vs. billed weights
  • Erroneous currency conversions
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Carrier compliance to contractual obligations
  • Other billing mistakes

With SSI freight audit services, you can be confident that all charges – including fuel surcharges – are in compliance with the established rules and contractually agreed-to parameters within each of your carrier contracts. Whenever a charge deviates from the established rules, SSI will take exception to those discrepancies and errors.

The process is fully transparent and users can easily drill down to individual invoices via our SSIconnectTM online portal.

To start receiving your refunds, fill out a contact form at the bottom of this page or request a demo for a date and time that is convenient to you.


SSI is committed to helping our customers save money and improve efficiencies. Ask about these other valuable services available from SSI.

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